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Pho 4U, located in Sheridan, Colorado, specializes in traditional Vietnamese food. Our food and noodle soup will surely satisfy all the Pho and the first people. Pho 4U is pleased to serve the best Vietnamese food in the Denver-Sheridan area. We focus on serving authentic Vietnamese noodle soup. Vietnamese traditional noodle soup consists of beef broth, thin slices of beef and rice noodles. Our soup has many variations; some have soft tendon, flank, steak and brisket. People often like to add some basil, lentils, jalapenos, limes, and sauces such as Siracha or Hoisin to their broth. For vegetarians, do not worry, we provide vegetarian food for your needs. In addition to having a vegetarian menu, our noodle soup does not contain gluten.

This is a family owned restaurant. We are located in River Point (in front of Target). From our restaurant, you would have a great view of the Broken Tee Englewood Golf Course. We serve the traditional beef noodel bowl (Pho) as well as many great appetizers, rice noodle bowls, steamed/fried rice platters. We also have a menu for kids! Finish off our meal with our fruit smoothies (Boba).

We put our HEART & SOUL into every dish

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Julie N.

Julie N.

From Yelp

"Authentic Vietnamese food - my comfort food! They have Regular and Large size bowls, and the regular already feels huge. Couldn't finish more than half my taro and boba because I was so full from the regular sized combination pho. So yummy, fresh vegetables, and real Vietnamese workers.

The decor is pretty typical of a Vietnamese restaurant with Christian influence - there are quotes from the Bible along the walls. The staff doesn't preach or anything, typical service and pay at the back of the house instead of them bringing you your check.

Was so happy to find this place."

 Nora R.

Nora R.

Independent Artist

"Worth every penny! I have been to many Pho restaurants and this one takes the cake. My first experience here could not have been better. We were seated immediately and served water. The waitress was very informative about the menu and extremely pleasant. Establishment was very very clean and has a homey vibe. Food was served quickly as well. I ordered their chicken pho with added shrimp and my Fiancée ordered the rib eye with meatballs pho. Both were fantastic as is then we were given veggies and sauces to add as we please. We also ordered their edamame appetizer which was to die for. They use this special seasoning you won't find anywhere else! To top it all off after 2 meals, 2 drinks and an appetizer the bill was less than $30... I can't believe I just now found this jewel. I highly recommend and will be returning with friends!"

Albert R.

Albert R.


"This isn't really fair since I haven't tried their pho yet, but based on what else I've had there it's got to be good. Allow me to recap.... It was a hot afternoon, although the sun had almost set. I was tired from the work day, and was not really interested in cooking. All I really wanted was a decent Vietnamese noodle bowl - I usually get the combination, and sense Pho4U was so close I tried them out. I also ordered a Thai tea with Boba, blended which is one of my favorite drinks of all time when it is done right. Both the food and the drink were above my expectations but I think the Thai tea may have been the best I've ever had. The atmosphere wasn't too bad either and I would like to actually sit down sometime if I'm ever not too busy. I've only ordered to go, but the food has never disappointed in my reoccurring visits and I strongly recommend this little gem"

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